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The necessity of holding exhibitions

In order to understand the value and importance of the exhibitions, it is necessary to have a look at the history and history of this movement during the past. One of the most primitive methods of trade and commerce in the past has been the exchange of goods with goods and services, the so-called stock exchanges of today.

Since it was not possible to acquire all the needs and requirements of everyday life, it was not possible to identify individuals and groups that could meet these needs, owners of goods and services gathered in places and acted on the supply of what they had and the surplus needed. In fact, there are different exhibits before the advent of money and has been one of the factors influencing the rise and prevalence of price coins (money)and setting up such exhibitions

In most countries, many exhibitions have long been held. The history of the exhibitions is linked to the history of trade and trade. If we want to examine the history of holding exhibitions, it has to be pointed out to the city of Athens as the World Trade Center and the venue for large exhibitions of trade goods from different countries. There were more than 6,000 years ago at the fair.

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